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57th Street Antique
& Design Center

Shopping, Treasure Hunting, Design, Dining, Pilates, Workouts, Dance, and a Salon/Spa!   Come visit us and make a day of it!

Welcome to Sacramento’s oldest and largest Antique & Design Center!  We are located in East Sacramento on 57th Street, between H and J Streets where we have been located for over 40 years.  Our Center has over 45,000 square-feet of eclectic merchandise, services, and offerings waiting for you to enjoy.

We have over 100 antique dealers offering unique antiques and collectibles, with new treasures arriving daily.  We have interior and exterior designers offering their personalized merchandise, design, and decorating services.  Our award-winning restaurant is a great place to relax and have breakfast or lunch.  For your personal needs, we have a salon and spa, cross-training center, Pilates studio, and a dance studio to help you look better, feel better, and achieve your personal goals.

The Center is open six days a week, Tuesday through Sunday.  We are closed on Mondays, except by appointment.

We look forward to seeing you soon for a fun day at the 57th Street Antique & Design Center!  Enjoy our free customer parking!


  1. Henry

    I have pictures from the 1908 San Francisco earthquake and some very old books.
    Who do I contact to have my items appraised?

    Thank you

  2. 57row

    For jewelry appraisals, you can contact Gregory Campbell Jewelry Appraisal or vist Mike & Greg’s shop in our center. For general antiques and collectibles, try Kathy at Picket Fence at 916-455-6524. You can also try Googling “Appraisers” in your area (e.g., “Appraisers Sacramento”).

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